We are a licensed pharmaceutical company , with the mission to help people during this pandemic Crisis by bridging the gap between patients and doctors and by lending a helping hand to customers.

OPC is a high tech digital platform a one stop solution to various health / medical related needs hosting a wide range of medicines , health products,  doctors to consult of various specialties / departments, laboratory tests, health check ups and more . We  take our mission seriously and stand to provide several medical services such as,  

  • Provide medicines with exclusive Discounts
  • Bridge the gap between doctors and patients 
  • Free home delivery *
  • Ensure availability of Covid essentials 
  • Offering genuine Products 
  • Create awareness about Generic medicines as an alternative to top brands i.e they have the same salt composition , having same pharmacodynamics and hence, generating the same results.  
  • Supply Generic / Alternative medicines with low cost 
  • We sell Over counter drugs and chronic illness related medicines (with prescription )
  • incase of non availability of prescription get consultation with a registered Practitioner at the comfort of your home
  • Not to forget 24/7 - Free Chat for Queries 

And all this safe and 100% genuine, at just one click